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This page will be about in-game events, such as the Halloween event or the Harvest event.

Regular events[edit | edit source]

Invasion[edit | edit source]

At all times, there is a small chance that the surface will be invaded by a horde of monsters.
Until all invading monsters are defeated, all shopkeepers will disappear.

The following monsters will appear above the corruption:


  • All invading monsters's locations are visible on the map, marked by a red circle.
  • The Quick Vault Quick Vault can be used to access the bank storage even during invasions.
  • The Corruption of It surface and NPC buildings are unbreakable, so they're a good spot to kill the Invasion Ogres.
  • The Invasion Commander drops weapons equal to your character's level.
    Thus, he is currently the only possible source of ilvl 43+ (exact number needs checking) weapons in the game.

Holiday events[edit | edit source]

Winter event[edit | edit source]

A limited time event running around Winter Solstice.

Halloween event[edit | edit source]

Halloween Door icon.png

A limited time event running around Halloween.

During the event, you could collect a new currency, Pumpkins Pumpkins . For these, you could buy items from The Hag of Halloween The Hag of Halloween NPC.
This NPC is located in a separate "world", accessed through a special Halloween door, which is located in a random place on the surface.
One such item is the Special Halloween Brew Special Halloween Brew , which let you summon the special Dread o`Lantern boss. Currently the only boss to give you information about how much damage you dealt to him. When beaten, he always drops Ring of Dread's Demise Ring of Dread's Demise , or Legendary Ring of Dread's Demise Legendary Ring of Dread's Demise (from the stronger version).

Harvest event[edit | edit source]

A limited time event running around Thanksgiving.

During the event, you could collect a new currency, Harvest Maize Harvest Maize . It drops from monsters, chests and bosses.
You started by getting a quest (Harvest Feast) from a special NPC, The Great Gobbler The Great Gobbler .
The quest required you to craft a new item, Woven Horn Woven Horn and collect 100 maize. With the 100 maize, you could transform the horn into The Cornucopia The Cornucopia .

Then, you got a second quest (Mysterious Egg). This time, you had to use another 100 maize to hatch a Mysterious Egg Mysterious Egg into a special pet, (...).

Quest Harvest Feast.pngQuest Mysterious Egg.png