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A limited time event running around Winter Solstice.

During the event, you can collect a new currency called Snowflakes Snowflakes . Snowflakes drop from monsters, chests and bosses. Snowflake drop rate is affected by magic find. The drop rate increases the more difficult and deep the player goes.
You can buy items such as the Holiday Set Runeword Recipes from Jolly Ol' Graybeard Jolly Ol' Graybeard . This NPC is located in town.
Every day a  Holiday Spirit boss will appear over the corruption. When defeated, it always drops a Winter Rune Winter Rune .

Note: Treasure Chest icon.png icon changes to Winter Treasure Chest icon.png.

Holiday Rune

Holiday Set

Set Bonus

  • 2 parts: +50% Total Armor
  • 4 parts: +25 Resist Rating to all elements

Holiday Pets

Holiday Cosmetics

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