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I re-did the top section. I thought there needed to be more of a big focus on the main page, and it looks much better with the official logo (I cropped it a little). I removed "Welcome to" because it's a bit out of style (I remember when every page on the internet said "Welcome to.." and "Under construction"). I wikified a lot of words and moved the trailer to the about section. There's still a video section, but we can add more than the trailer there. I suggest we also change "Guides" in the flex section to "Featured Articles" at some point, but it really doesn't matter until we have a few especially nice guides or pages. If you decide to use the proposed top section, move or copy it from my userspace at User:ScarletSpiderDave/Top_section and uncomment the last line which adds the proper category. (The main page itself doesn't need to be changed; just the included top section.) --ScarletSpiderDave (talk) 02:54, 9 May 2018 (UTC)