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Royal Mushroom

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One of the mushrooms.

Possible affixes:

Each time you start with a new character, the affixes are randomly attached to various mushrooms. All mushrooms help stave off some hunger and some have other effects as well.

First Aid

  • Staves off (findout) points of hunger.
  • Gives 5 seconds of regeneration (1HP/sec), for a total of 5 (gotta double-check that..) hitpoints.


  • Staves off a little hunger.


  • Staves off some hunger.


  • Staves off a lot of hunger.
  • Remain well fed for 3 minutes


  • Staves off a little hunger.
  • Blinds you for 5 seconds.


  • Staves off a little hunger.
  • Poisons you for ?? seconds.


  • Staves off a little hunger.
  • Removes all status effects.


  • Staves off a little hunger.
  • Confuses you for ?? seconds, taking away control over your character and making it run around like a madman.