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More Info[edit | edit source]

  • Pet White Cat Pet White Cat icon.png
    Pet White Cat animation.gif
  • Pet Lucky Cat Pet Lucky Cat icon.png
    Pet Lucky Cat animation.gif

  • Pet Snow Wolf Pet Snow Wolf icon.png
    Pet Snow Wolf animation.gif
  • Pet Cloud Wolf Pet Cloud Wolf icon.png
    Pet Cloud Wolf animation.gif
  • Pet Dire Wolf Pet Dire Wolf icon.png
    Pet Dire Wolf animation.gif
  • Pet Night Wolf Pet Night Wolf icon.png
    Pet Night Wolf animation.gif

  • Pet Rainbow Unicorn Pet Rainbow Unicorn icon.png
    Pet Rainbow Unicorn animation.gif
  • Pet Cotton Candy Unicorn Pet Cotton Candy Unicorn icon.png
    Pet Cotton Candy Unicorn animation.gif
  • Pet Nightmare Unicorn Pet Nightmare Unicorn icon.png
    Pet Nightmare Unicorn animation.gif

Pet Chicken Pet Chicken icon.png

Pet Chicken animation.gif
Pet Cool Duck Cool Duck icon.png

  • Pet Gobbler Junior Gobbler Junior icon.png
    Gobbler Junior animation.gif

  • Pet Arctic Arctic icon.png
    Arctic animation.gif
  • Pet Blizzard Blizzard icon.png
    Blizzard animation.gif
  • Pet Sir Icy Sir Icy icon.png
    Sir Icy animation.gif

  • Undead Whelp Undead Whelp icon.png
    Pet Undead Whelp animation.gif

  • Patrick the Charming Pug Patrick the Charming Pug icon.png
    Pet Patrick the Charming Pug animation.gif

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