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Nightmare World Book

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Nightmare World Book Nightmare World Book

  • Resets the world on Nightmare difficulty
  • Available for purchase at level 25
  • Costs 1000gold gold

- Can only be activated on the Surface
- Avilable at the Wizard of Space and Time Wizard of Space and Time
- Resets all areas below Dirt Layer to Nightmare difficulty (Monster level 35-65)
- All monsters in Nightmare possess deadly Monster Modifiers

On Nightmare, players suffer from the Nightmare difficulty debuff:

Nightmare Debuff icon.png

-50 to all resists

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Don't worry about your buildings disappearing, only the areas below Dirt Layer get respawned
  • The books get re-stocked every in-game day (= 12 IRL minutes)
  • Be careful when you first enter Nightmare, it sure is a step-up in difficulty