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Buildings are structures you can place in the world using a Blueprint. There can only be a limited number of a building of a certain type.
All NPCs, except Abel the Collector icon.png Abel the Collector, will go into hiding while an Invasion event is in progress.

All NPC buildings restock every day at midnight (in-game time).

Buildings[edit | edit source]

Barn Barn

Beehive Beehive

Chicken coop Chicken coop

General Store General Store

Greenhouse Greenhouse

Mushroom Station Mushroom Station

Petss, Petss, Petss Petss, Petss, Petss

Planter box Planter box

The Hat Shack The Hat Shack

Trusty Bank Trusty Bank

Twisted Tree Twisted Tree

Wizard of Space and Time Wizard of Space and Time

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