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Note: This list is not created by David Brevik, ILB's developer, but by wiki and community members instead. Therefore, some bugs listed here may have been already solved, or are not really bugs, but rather deliberate game design choices.

On this page, we will attempt to gather bugs that linger in the game into a coherent list.
The purpose of this is mostly to make sure we are not pestering David too much about bugs that have already been reported a gazillion times.

Please feel free to update this page and add more bugs. However, try to make sure that the bug:

  1. Is still in the game.
  2. Has been previously reported (on Discord, Steam, Reddit or during a Twitch stream).
  3. Is actually a bug, and not a feature request/suggestion.

List of known bugs[edit | edit source]

Graphical bugs[edit | edit source]

These are visual in nature, and don't actually affect gameplay in a significant way.

  • if you have too many buffs/debuffs active, some of them lose their mouseover text.
  • Putting gems into armor causes them to change color and keep it even after removing said gems.
  • Plants disappearing or torches that stop fuming. This is caused by exceeding the game's particle limit.
  • Trees can grow up through blocks.

Gameplay bugs[edit | edit source]

  • Floating things bug (sometimes, items, monsters and chests that had blocks destroyed under them keep floating in the air). This can be reproduced 100% of the time by mining dirt above a wooden platform (so the dirt blocks fall on the platform) then removing said platform.
  • Standing/crouching inside certain monsters makes them unable to hit you.
  • Shooting a staff can go through a door.
  • With a full inventory, cannot craft things even if there is enough space in existing stacks.
  • If you have a very small Corrupted area, sometimes there's no named Commander in the Invasion. (maybe 14 blocks or less?) (needs testing!)

Multiple Refrigerators not giving you more fridge space.[edit | edit source]

Correct, they are all connected.

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