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This page will serve as a basic how to play guide for It Lurks Below. Feel free to edit this guide with any tips, tricks, and suggestions.

Controls[edit | edit source]

Controls can be configured in the options menu.

The default controls are:

  • A/D - move left/right
  • S - crouch, drop from platform
  • Space - Jump
  • E - interact, extract seeds
  • R - recharge wand
  • Z - sleep
  • Left mouse button - use weapon, dig, place a block or object. Hold Shift to dig or place to background instead. Hold Ctrl for the second background layer.
  • Right mouse button - Pick up item, harvest crop, open/close door
  • Shift + Right mouse button - Pick up placed item, device, or building
  • Mouse wheel - Cycle through item bar items, scroll through ancient item ranks, scroll crafting bar, switch panel pages
  • P or C - crafting panel
  • I or B - inventory
  • V - Survival panel
  • M or Tab - world map
  • Up/Down - Scroll world map up or down
  • Alt (hold) - Show the name above items on the ground
  • 0-9,-.= - Select item bar slot or use item in item bar slot
  • F - Select item bar slot 6 or use item in item bar slot 6
  • H - Use or activate ancient item in item bar slot 9
  • G - Use or activate ancient item in item bar slot 0
  • W - Use or activate ancient item in item bar slot 11
  • Q - Use or activate ancient item in item bar slot 12
  • F1 - debug information

Location of save files: C:\Users***\AppData\Local\Graybeard Games\It Lurks Below
Location of crash dumps: C:\Users***\AppData\Local\CrashDumps

Gui Cheat Sheet[edit | edit source]

GUI Cheatsheet
GUI Cheatsheet

Tips and tricks[edit | edit source]

  • Melee: Crouching with Sword and Shield in hand doubles your Block. (Dodge stays the same!)
  • Using E to teleport down and T to teleport back to base is the safest way to use the Homestone. (To make sure you don't lose the saved spot)
  • When you start, walk around the world picking up (right clicking) everything you possibly can.
  • On Survival mode, don't eat raw food if you can help it. Cook it first. Note that the higher your Survival Rank is, the more feed you gain by cooking.
  • Don't worry about where you put the workbench, anvil, etc. You can move those later. You can carry them in your inventory.
  • After you kill Command Vile, the boss of the overworld, the corruption stops growing. Build traps (pits and walls) at either end of it to catch invaders. Example
  • If you're having trouble with a boss (other than Vile), skip it for a while and come back when you are more powerful.
  • You can change the gem socketed in your armor by simply socketing a new gem. The old one will be placed back into your inventory.
  • Make sure to invest survival skill points in mining perks and better picks. They speed up digging and survival rank gain.
  • You can use arcing wands to mine. They are wonderful.
  • Creative mode is easier if you want to build things - monsters are less challenging, there's no hunger, no invasions, and no corpse runs. And you have access to various blocks from the start.
  • (possibly outdated) Time: 1 in-game hour takes 30 seconds in real life (each 15 minutes lasts 7.5 seconds). This leads to an easy calculation of "number of real-life minutes" * 2 = "number of in-game hours".
  • (possibly outdated) Time: For example, 12 minutes = 24 in-game hours.
  • Get seeds by extracting them from crops. There is a 35% chance to get two seeds from one crop. Manage your farming to make sure you have enough to eat and plant.
  • Sometimes seeds also drop from monsters, chests and seed bags.

Things To Check Out[edit | edit source]