Hardcore Descent style

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One of the Game styles you can choose when starting a new character. Similar to Creative mode, it takes the survival aspect (hunger/stamina) of the game out. However, it still keeps the difficulty of Survival mode (monster health, etc.).

  • When your character dies, the game ends.
  • Removes the survival aspects of the game (hunger/stamina) and lets players focus on dungeon exploration, destroying monsters and getting loot.
  • There are almost no mushrooms, less initial food, and no survival tree.
  • Players can still obtain the fridge, composter, new pickaxes, pulaski and other tools by advancing through the game.
  • Players can still farm by buying a Hoe from the General Store but crops yielded will be based on survival level 1. There are a few food recipes that get unlocked through play but none that impact play.
  • Magic farming is available with a book sold at the General Store.