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A limited time event running around Halloween.

During the event, you can collect a new currency, Pumpkins Pumpkins . The event currency drops from monsters, chests and bosses. Drop rate is affected by gold find. The drop rate increases the more difficult and deep the player goes. Mobs have to be with in experience giving range to drop pumpkins.
Pumpkins are used to purchase items from The Hag of Halloween The Hag of Halloween NPC.
This NPC is located in a separate "world", accessed through a special Halloween item, which is given to the player when completing an event quest.
Notable items sold by the Hag are Special Halloween Brew Special Halloween Brew s, which let you summon the special Dread o`Lantern Dread o`Lantern boss. Currently the only boss to give you information about how much damage you dealt to him. When beaten, he always drops Ring of Dread's Demise Ring of Dread's Demise , or Legendary Ring of Dread's Demise Legendary Ring of Dread's Demise from the stronger version of the boss. An even stronger version of the boss can be summoned in which it will drop Mythical Ring of Dread's Demise Mythical Ring of Dread's Demise .

In a previous iteration of this event the Hag was accessed through a portal that was randomly placed on the surface

A single quest is provided by Jack. A large jack o lantern located on the second floor of the Wizard of Space and Time.

Quest AllHallowsEve.png

  • This quest gives the player The Big Red Button The Big Red Button . When clicked it will transport the player to the Hag's hut. When clicked again it will transport the player to Jack.