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v0.11.29a (November 29, 2018)[edit | edit source]

- I changed the cooldown on the Neverending Potion of Life to 15 seconds.
- The cooldown on the Harvest event item has been increased to 1 hour.
- Crops now grow differently

- If you plant any seed before midnight, it will grow one stage the next day. Some crops have multiple stages (corn, tomatoes), other have one stage (carrot, cabbage)
- All crops, trees, etc transform/grow at noon
- If any crops you planted grow to harvesting, then a message appears on the screen telling you they are ready.
- Tooltips now say how many days it takes to harvest (from seeds)
- Tooltips now also say if you have enough time to plant it and harvest it in the current season

- Seasons are now 15 days long instead of 7. THIS MAY CHANGE YOUR CURRENT SEASON! It's going to be a long winter...
- Seeds are now auto-pickup
- Items with a quality of exceptional, unique, set or ancient now have a glow effect while in the world
- The Cleric ancient item Pureguard has been boosted to give (120/130/140/150%) armor
- The Cleric ancient item Divine Circlet has been boosted to give (25/30/35/40%) armor to weapon damage
- The Rogue ancient item Refreshing Flask now also cures all status effects
- The Rogue ancient item Cloak of Shadows now also has Speed (5, 10, 15, 20) while in shadows
- I've added three new recipes. One to summer recipes, one to autumn and one for chicken eggs. If you have those talents or that building, they should unlock on load.

- The regeneration was not working on the Harvest event item in Descent mode, but it has been fixed.
- With the new update to Ambient Pet AI yesterday, there was a case situation where the pet would wiggle back and forth quickly, but it has been fixed.
- If you had multiple Neverending Potions of Life, it didn't set the cooldown for all on use. This has been fixed.
- Classes that don't use int/wis were showing the int stat in the upper-left display but it has been fixed.
- When you played the game in a different season from Spring, then created a new character, some of the graphics would be stuck on the wrong season, but it is fixed.

v0.11.28a (November 28, 2018)[edit | edit source]

- I've changed it so that you can sleep and mess with your inventory a bit.

- You can't mess with ancient items
- You can't change your hotbar selection slot
- I would love some feedback and any bugs people might find. I'm sure there will be a few.

- Ancient items now fill in the bar from the right side instead of left when getting them from quests or picking them off the ground (when there is space).
- I have improved Ambient pet AI. They shouldn't jump around as much.
- I have added flying Ambient pet AI as well. There is one new pet to find.

- In creative, you could delete your hoe and get stuck in the quest chain because you never got the recipe. The recipe is now available and older characters should have it as well.
- Torches hanging on the side of blocks were being placed too far back and floating in mid-air. They are now on the front-most blocks.

v0.11.27a (November 27, 2018)[edit | edit source]

- When you used a World book, the regenerated world had the wrong tiles in the 3rd/far-back layer. They were supposed to be a red indestructible tile, but they were "dirt" tiles for that layer. This is fixed.
- If you used a World book with Paladin blocks in the upper layer, they would never go away, but it has been fixed.
- With the new camera zoom feature, you could run across black blocks appearing where you dig. I think I've fixed it, but we should keep an eye out. It was hard to repeat the bug.

v0.11.26a (November 26, 2018)[edit | edit source]

- Crazy new Camera control (O.o)

- Zoom in and out of the world while in-game with CTRL+Mouse-wheel.
- Hit HOME key to get back to default.
- There is a slider for camera distance in the Graphics Options menu as well

- I improved performance in 4k. It was drawing 4x too much outside the bounds of what it should be drawing.
- I also slightly improved the rendering performance overall
- Let me know if anyone has problems with not drawing along the edges. I did test it on 4k/ultra-wide/regular monitors.

- Fixed a bug which didn't create fullscreen resolutions correctly. It would just do max-res fullscreen instead of what you set it at. It should work now.
- If you dug out the ground under a quick-vault, it turned it into an item and you could reuse it, but it has been fixed. If you dig out the ground, it goes away.
- The amount of expected armor was off by one level. Monsters expected higher armor and Items use this to create unique armors.

- This will result in monsters not hitting as hard, but it will be barely noticeable. Most of the time there will be 2% less damage, which is very little.
- Unique items use expected armor to create their stats. They will be slightly lower now compared to before because they were one level higher.
- Level 50 unique items had broken armor stats because the table didn't go that high (because it was looking for 51) but it should be fixed now.

- When you changed VSync, it would not update until the next time you ran, but it didn't say that. Now it does.

v0.11.25a (November 25, 2018)[edit | edit source]

- There was a world text buffer that was too big and may have been causing some lag. I hope this fixes it.
- Found another 4k resolution bug and this one was very serious. There were buffer overwrites and probably causing crashes.
- I fixed a bug in 4k that would not display the item names correctly above the items if you held down ALT

v0.11.23a (November 23, 2018)[edit | edit source]

- If you use the event item, it sets the cooldown for all of those items in your possession. You can only use one.

- Fixed a problem with the event item, it now has a cooldown that works.
- In 4k resolution, I changed the size of a buffer that was possibly broken. There have been 4k crashes and I hope this fixes it.

v0.11.22a (November 22, 2018)[edit | edit source]

Just in time for Thanksgiving, a small Harvest event is now active in It Lurks Below. Talk to the Great Gobbler at the bank.
This event will be live for several days.

- The game properly handles level 50 now. (Current max level)
- I have drawn shoulders for all the two-handed animations in the game. I forgot to draw them, so it should look a bit better now.

- If you dashed across a world-zone boundary, you would not get credit for entering that area for a quest, but it has been fixed.
- Fixed a bug which sometimes prevented new characters from not having enough snack mushrooms on the surface.
- If you reached level 50 in any survival mode, it would cause a crash, but it has been fixed.

v0.11.19a (November 19, 2018)[edit | edit source]

- I was not removing Paladin Consecration Blocks correctly when the block was destroyed, but it has been fixed. It could lead to a hard-lock/crash.
- Fixed some minor problems with particle limits, which are reached more often with Paladin.
- Someone got some corrupted coordinates for portals and it would crash when they tried to use it. Not sure how it happened, but it checks it he coordinates are okay now.

v0.11.18a (November 18, 2018)[edit | edit source]

- I have changed the calculation for attack rate modifier!

- You can now attack faster than ever before, and the number limit is much higher.
- It is possible to get down to 1 frame between animations now for melee, 2 frames between shots for ranged (@ 60 fps)

- Paladin Consecration Blocks now save which block it replaces and puts that block back once it wears off.
- If there are enemies that the Paladin dashes through or into while using Pureboots, they will be purified.
- If you re-consecrate the same ground, the timer now refreshes on that block. It was just skipping it.

- The Paladin Consecrated Blocks would overwrite the ore in nightmare mode, but it has been fixed.
- Fixed a minor bug that happened when the game reached max particles.

v0.11.17c (November 17, 2018)[edit | edit source]

- Fixed a crash that happened when you flew up to the clouds

v0.11.17b (November 17, 2018)[edit | edit source]

- Turned off the sound on the heal while standing on Consecrated Blocks

- Accidentally left exceptional-only mace generation on.

v0.11.17a (November 17, 2018)[edit | edit source]

- Paladin Consecration Blocks turn into dirt tiles after 10 seconds
- Paladin can now purify bosses
- Standing on Consecrated blocks heals you slowly
- Bracers of Justice cooldown has been shortened to 3 seconds
- Increased chance of extra attack on Bracers of Justice 20/40/60/80
- There is now one second of damage immunity to Paladin Bracers of Justice on use
- The radius of Tome of Atonement has been doubled
- Tome of Atonement now purifies as well as damages. If an enemy is not purified, it will do that first, then it does damage.
- Changed the graphic for Tome of Atonement particle effect
- Blessed Gloves cooldown has been greatly shortened to 4/3/2/1 minute
- Increased the amount of healing from Divine Bulwark to 10% from 5%

- If you died while dashing as the Paladin, there was a chance you could lose your items when they dropped, but this has been fixed.
- Paladin will no longer replace blocks it should not (boss-door/shrine/portal base blocks). It will no longer replace corrupted blocks either.
- Fixed a problem with boss door blocks and monster placed blocks missing collision.

v0.11.16b (November 16, 2018)[edit | edit source]

- I fixed the inability to complete the improved weapon quest.
- The wrong weapon description was in the character create for Paladin

v0.11.16a (November 16, 2018)[edit | edit source]

The Paladin Patch is here!

- You can now choose to play Paladin. I'm sure there will be some bugs because it has some unusual skills.
- Originally, I was going to have you unlock the Paladin through play, but for now, I've just unlocked it for everyone. This may change in the future, but I want feedback, so it is unlocked.
- Two-handed weapons come in 2 flavors: Sword or Mace. Swords do 15% extra damage to demons, while Maces do 15% extra damage to undead.
- There were many, many changes for Paladin, so I expect a few bugs over the next few days.

- I believe I fixed the 4k bug. I found a bug in Release compile vs. Debug compile that may have caused the problem. Please let me know.
- There were some problems with a few ancient items/skills when you had 0 attack power. They have been slightly boosted and fixed. This included bard songs.
- When a player stopped using the altar for any reason (getting hit, walking away, recall, etc) the items would be lost. I forgot to put them in the correct "world", but it is fixed now.
- The Enchanter debuff aura would remove the invulnerability on Drackel the Flesh Ooze, but it has been fixed.
- If you somehow killed Drackel while it was supposed to be invulnerable it would crash, but I fixed that as well.

v0.11.12a (November 12, 2018)[edit | edit source]

I've been working hard on getting the Paladin in, but it is not quite ready yet. There are a lot of great fixes here, so I'm patching.

- The Halloween event has been disabled for this year. Harvest event coming soon!
- The game now supports 4k monitor resolution and HighDPI. It really, really needs UI scaling, but it works.
- Added information to the survival quest that survival rank increases the amount of feed cooked food gives.
- The survival panel now shows what your current rank is as well has how many points you have to spend.
- Amplified Scream now says magic-damage in the description
- Back and Hat items now say what they are in the tooltip
- The mouse-wheel now changes pages at the bank when the mouse-cursor is in the bank window
- There are two new back items
- When you mouse-over the experience or survival bars on the hotbar-ui-panel it gives you details.

- When you slept or died the back item would draw in a strange/unchanged position. It now disappears.
- If you were dual wielding and transformed (into a bat) the back-arm sword would show up, but it has been fixed.
- In the secret portal areas, some rooms were empty, but it has been fixed.
- If you loaded the game or played in Nightmare difficulty, then left and created a new character, you could get nightmare affixes on monsters for your newbie character in normal difficulty.
- When playing Hardcore Descent, you would never unlock the composter or fridge, but that has been fixed. Older characters should have them unlocked on load.
- Sometimes in dark areas, a black bar/blocks would appear in the background on the surface, but this has been fixed.

v0.11.06a (November 6, 2018)[edit | edit source]

- I have added a new quest to the beginning of the game (in survival mode) teaching players the importance of cooking.
- The reward for this quest is a stack of veggie bowls, which will help with hunger early on.
- I now give the player 8 carrot seeds instead of 1 to do the farming quest.
- Both Sauerkraut and Stewed Carrots now have icons and are no longer WIP (Work in progress). This should help early game recipes as well.
- I have added a confirmation box for deleting characters. ( gasp )

v0.11.05a (November 5, 2018)[edit | edit source]

I have extended the Halloween event because many people were busy this weekend at BlizzCon and other things. I'm not sure when it will end, but I will give a bit of warning. Probably later this week.

- Add a description to the Fertilizer item
- I added 2 new back items that rarely drop from monsters. More back items to come.

- Wheat was spawning in the Winter, but it has been told it can't come out until Spring. It is a bit sad, but it understands.
- If you tried to dig the clouds with the 3x3, it could crash, but it has been fixed.
- When flying near the clouds, rain could have stopped spawning, but it has been fixed as well.
- I forgot to move the lock icon over the 2nd ring slot with the new inventory layout, but it is placed correctly now.

v0.11.03a (November 3, 2018)[edit | edit source]

- Added a new item slot called "back". This is cosmetic only, similar to hat.
- Added final Halloween item. It should be on the Halloween Hag after a refresh (midnight in game)
- Halloween event will run through the weekend. Enjoy everyone!

v0.11.01a (November 1, 2018)[edit | edit source]

- There is now a legendary version of the Dread o'Lantern Brew. Good luck!

- The main world was not being created correctly with a world reset book. The middle layer of blocks was missing/gone in all newly created zones. This has been fixed.
- The middle layer missing in recreated worlds led to all sorts of rendering issues, creating flashing holes in the background, but it is fixed now.
- I accidentally left some debugging code in and 2 portals were being created in every world, but it is back to normal now.
- On the edge of the screen, there was a rendering error that is now fixed.
- Sometimes the Tentacle of It would draw itself in wrong world, but it has been fixed.
- Also, the Tentacle of It death-eye could kill you in the wrong world, but this too has been fixed.
- Fixed a terrible, terrible bug with save files. I'm pretty sure this is what was causing the save corruptions.
- If you transferred worlds with recall while holding a torch or similar item, the game could crash, but it has been fixed.

v0.10.31b (October 31, 2018)[edit | edit source]

- Fixed the Halloween Brew data error, so it could show up in Descent Mode

v0.10.31a (October 31, 2018)[edit | edit source]

Happy Halloween!

The Dread o'Lantern has arrived! Help the Halloween Hag by defeating the evil squash.

- The Halloween Hag has created a special brew for Halloween. Quaff it and try to defeat the Dread o'Lantern while it remains in this realm!
- Added the ability to keep track of boss dps and display it. The Dread o'Lantern will be the first boss to use the technology.
- Please note that all new items for the Halloween Hag (including the Brew) won't show up until the next in-game day when vendors get refreshed at midnight.

- There was a rendering bug which would leave holes/openings in the dark of the dungeon, but it has been fixed.
- The Omnibus of Translocation was replying with a bunch of warrior dashing nonsense when you couldn't translocate somewhere, but it now speaks wizard again.
- Fixed a terrible movement bug that could cause a crash. I hope this reduces some of the crashing that is being reported.

v0.10.30a (October 30, 2018)[edit | edit source]

- The Halloween Hag is now selling two new items!
- I've doubled the drop rate of Pumpkins
- Gold Find now increases the chance of a pumpkin dropping
- Monsters can now drop more than one pumpkin at a time depending on their level

- Fixed a crash bug with holding items and switching worlds
- Monsters spawned from monsters can't drop pumpkins anymore, such as Drackel spiders.

v0.10.29b (October 29, 2018)[edit | edit source]

- If you used a Normal or Nightmare World Book, you would lose all of your entities (Halloween Hag, rats, rocks, trees) in the new world, but this has been fixed.
- All people who had lost all of their entities in the Halloween world should have them back.
- Fixed a bug with loading files which could result in corrupted saves.

v0.10.29a (October 29, 2018)[edit | edit source]

Halloween has come to ILB! Come celebrate Halloween in It Lurks Below!

A doorway to a mysterious far-off land has appeared. The Halloween Hag needs your assistance in creating an incredible Halloween potion.
Collect pumpkins by slaying monsters and bring them to the Halloween Hag for special items.
There will be new special items throughout the week. Come back every day for something new and exciting!

- There was a bug in the way I was updating the map textures and it would sometimes draw in the incorrect map. This has been fixed.
- Both Necromancers and Wizards could have their pet buffs, but no pets and be unable to summon new ones if they were upgraded. They should be okay now.
- All the grass tiles now change during seasons instead of just the front layer.

v0.10.27a (October 27, 2018)[edit | edit source]

Known Issue:
- Many players who update to new worlds don't have a Mooffulo (Not a cow) anymore. There will be an update where it will make a comeback soon.

- Fixed a bug where players could go through a portal and would get stuck in a bad place. I wasn't saving portal locations in the save file, but I am now.
- Sometimes after going through a portal, players were not able to load their save game, but that has been fixed. It will place you back in the main world on the surface.
- Necromancers who updated to new worlds would sometimes have no skulls and not be able to generate new ones. This has been fixed.

v0.10.26c (October 26, 2018)[edit | edit source]

- You can now select all 3 layers and dig properly with the 3x3 digging ring
- Fixed a bug with the Hoe not showing the selected block properly
- Abel would summon your items but keep them in the other world, where you couldn't get to them. It wasn't very helpful. His magic is working better and should summon them from other worlds now.

v0.10.26b (October 26, 2018)[edit | edit source]

I forgot to mention that there is a new voxel-styled ambient occlusion lighting model in the game as well. It makes the 3d-ness stand out.

- If you created a new character and new world, the ground was missing. I found it. It was hiding under a pile of papers on my desk. It should show up now.
- Fixed a bug which didn't allow Abel to be moved. You are now able to move Abel.
- There was a problem with freeing some video memory which could lead to a crash, but I free it properly now.

v0.10.26a (October 26, 2018)[edit | edit source]

Your world has been RESET!

This is a big data-change patch. There have been a lot of changes in the last few weeks. I spent most of my time on two features:

1a) The world is now made up of 3 layers instead of 2. Access placing/digging blocks with nothing(front)/shift(mid)/control(back)
1b) There are now multiple worlds to visit. Instead of just one "world/dungeon" I can now create many/multiple worlds/locations to visit. Right now there are two.

2) Liquids - water, etc. I spent two weeks trying to get this to work properly and I couldn't. I did 99% of the work, but couldn't stabilize liquids properly, so they are on the back burner for now. I'm quite sad about this and hope to return to it before release, but we will see.

About the Reset: Your characters still work and have their stuff, but the world has been regenerated for 3 layers and two locations/worlds.
All crops (turned to seeds), all crafting devices (forge, anvil, etc), all buildings have been placed on the ground at your feet when you start.
Bosses are now accessed through doors at the end of the dungeon strip which transfer worlds to the boss room rather than being in the same world.

Let me know if you have problems in our Discord channel.

Expect a few patches this weekend, including some Halloween stuff!!

- A few objects (bed, bank lights, etc) have new art

- Fixed a bug with creating stacked food with different survival ranks on the ingredients
- Fixed a block-selection bug with mid and back layers. It would always be red, but it works properly now.

v0.10.4a (October 4, 2018)[edit | edit source]

- Changed the way food stacks and acts for survival.

- It will now keep track of the total-feed and show (and provide) the average.
- This means that different slevel food will stack. No more separate stacks that don't combine.
- I have a new reverse calculated slevel formula based on the total-feed. As total feed goes up, so does the slevel of the stacked item.
- When cooking food, it will use the average feed values to reverse calculate an slevel for the cooked food.

- Added a few new food icons, but not finished yet.

- Fixed a bug which cause a "leafnado" in the springtime. A column of leaves would just wrap around and around at location 0.
- Using compost to create anything, created a full stack and only used the compost once. It now uses the compost correctly.
- Fixed some items (raw meat, wheat) that were marked as instant use items, but wouldn't do anything (can't eat them). They are no longer instant items.

v0.9.29b (September 29, 2018)[edit | edit source]

- I added torches to the chicken coop. Pick it up and place it down again to get the torches.
- I disabled the Options Controls menu because it isn't working and you could click on it.

- You could make more than one chicken coop, but this has been fixed. If you made more, I didn't take them away.
- You couldn't pick up the chicken coop, but you can now.

v0.9.29a (September 29, 2018)[edit | edit source]

- I have started the revamp on the Options Menu. This is in prep for doing in-game key-remapping.
- I have added a gameplay option to always have item names shown
- Descent mode no longer drops coffee, slow digestion rings, sustain or stamina scrolls
- Descent mode no longer has food or mushroom special rooms
- I have added the chicken coop to survival. The pet vendor sells the plans. You will have to wait for a vendor refresh at midnight to see it, if you already have one built.
- The chicken in the coop creates an egg once a day. The chicken spawns an egg into the world, which never disappears.

- Fixed a long standing bug where placing-blocks/tilling/etc on the 0/512 world border would result in a strange cursor jump
- There was a bug which increased max hunger in descent so you could end up with a flashing yellow border. This is fixed in both ways; no longer increased, no longer flashing borders.

v0.9.25a (September 25, 2018)[edit | edit source]

Game Style:
- I've added Hardcore Descent as a game style. Good luck and have fun!

Any Survival:
- Hunger has been changed to update every 8 seconds instead of 6. Slow digestion is now 12 instead of 9 seconds.
- I accidentally left out the slower hunger before level 4, but that is back in for survival modes.
- Almost all monsters now have a small chance to drop seeds (common) or meat (rare) in survival modes.
- Bosses will drop a seed-bag's worth of seeds in survival modes

Any Descent:
- I have removed sleep healing in Descent modes. It was too easy to exploit. In survival, you don't sleep long because it uses hunger. There was no disadvantage to sleep healing in Descent.

- The oven (found in the general store) acts like a campfire now. You can cook any recipe near it or a campfire.
- When seasons change (in any style) and it kills current plants that can't grow in that season, it now drops a seed of that plant-type as it kills it.
- I refactored all the survival/creative/descent mode checking in the code, so I hope I haven't made any/many mistakes.

- In Descent, scrolls of stamina and sustain, as well as slow digestion gear can still drop. Mushroom special-rooms can still appear.

v0.9.24c (September 24, 2018)[edit | edit source]

- You stopped getting experience from killing mobs in Descent mode around level 3 or 4. I have no idea why that code was in there. It's gone.

v0.9.24b (September 24, 2018)[edit | edit source]

- Fixed it so that you can sleep in Descent mode (and heal)
- Planting something will no longer kick off the farming or survival quests in Descent Mode

v0.9.24a (September 24, 2018)[edit | edit source]

- There is a new game style/mode in the game: Descent
- This Descent mode removes the survival aspects of the game (hunger/stamina) and lets players focus on dungeon exploration, destroying monsters and getting loot.
- There are no mushrooms, less initial food, and no survival tree.
- Players can still obtain the fridge, composter, new pickaxes, pulaski and other tools by advancing through the game.
- Players can still farm but the food doesn't do much. There are a few recipes that get unlocked through play and give you food buffs, but not many.
- Magic farming is available with a book sold at the general store.

- You can now see the seasons a seed can be planted in the tooltip while at the bank or any vendor
- I slightly increased the seed drop rate in Survival mode

- Fixed a bug that was caused by shift-clicking to create a stack of food, and the resultant survival ranks were different, it would use the materials and not give you the items.

v0.9.23b (September 23, 2018)[edit | edit source]

[ Patch 2 of 2(?) today ]

- If you loaded a character, went back to the main menu and started a new character, you would start in the wrong season (and possibly winter). This is fixed.
- Fixed a bad bug, which was incorrectly dropping crystals, potions and other stuff at the wrong depth. I swapped depth and survival level when creating the item.

v0.9.23a (September 23, 2018)[edit | edit source]

Thanks for all the feedback on the survival changes. This patch will address a few early problems.

- I've balanced the food created in a new world. Instead of randomly choosing between carrots, cabbage and berries, there is a good balance, making it easier to cook.
- There are several new recipes to help early/common cooking: Stewed Carrots, Sauerkraut, Burger and Corned Beef with Cabbage
- Seed bags also take seasons into account now
- Luck now changes what seeds you get out of bags and chests. There are rare and common seeds.

v0.9.22a (September 22, 2018)[edit | edit source]

It has taken a while to create this patch. This is a really big change to the survival part of the game.

The vision for this game has always been a mix of survival and action-oriented-rpg. I wasn't happy with the way farming was going, so I've changed it. Part of what makes a survival game interesting is when it is difficult. The struggle is compelling. With farming, it was extremely hard, then very easy. After just a short time playing, there was no challenge left and it became too chore-like. So, I have changed farming quite a bit in this patch.

I'm not sure it will stay this way. I'm going to play it for a few days/weeks and see how it goes. This is what early-access is all about. I am also strongly considering a mode in the game without food/hunger/energy. A dungeon-diver mode, if you will. That will be later, if I add it. I'd love to hear you feedback on the changes as well. On to the patch notes!

Survival and Farming changes:
- Your survival points have been refunded and the survival tree has been greatly altered. It is currently a bit small.
- Food no longer rots in your inventory
- Food no longer makes seeds. You must find seeds in the dungeon.
- Grow times have been greatly increased.
- All non-magic crops no longer rot before harvesting.
- You can only plant most seeds during specific seasons. They say which season when you highlight them.
- The vendors no longer sell seeds most of the time. There is a rare chance that they will sell some.
- When a new season starts, it will kill any plant in the world that can't grow during the season.
- When you load a character, it will kill any plant that isn't supposed to be growing during the immediate season.
- No food grows during winter.
- The second quest no longer has you extract seeds from food. The farming quest gives you a carrot seed to plant.
- All crops and food now have a survival ranking. This is determined by what survival ranking you are when you acquire it.
- A crop's survival ranking increases the amount of feed the food will provide.
- When you mouse-over any food, it will display how much feed it provides.
- When you cook food out of crops, it averages the survival ranking to assign to the cooked food.
- Raw food provides almost no feed for your hunger.
- You now get the cooking recipe: Veggie Bowl the first time you harvest a carrot or cabbage.
- There are new recipes for spring, summer and autumn. Basic will allow you to cook food into meals. Advanced recipes will provide buffs. Not all are in yet.
- Compost is now a currency, like gold or crystal-shards. All your compost inventory items have been removed and turned into currency.
- When you compost an item, the amount of compost scales based on the crop survival ranking.
- Your stomach now scales based on your experience level. You start with 100 and get to 1000ish at level 50.
- The UI for your stomach now displays a number instead of a percent.
- You lose 1% of your stomach every 6 seconds (without slow digestion, etc)
- Sleeping will slightly increase (1s) the time until you lose 1%
- YOU CAN DIE OF HUNGER, once again. The hungry debuff will stack to 10 and then you start losing health every second.
- I have increased seed prices

- You can no longer pick up and replace vendors to refresh their inventories.
- The crafting menu now has a sorting order in the data, so it should make more sense and items show be clumped together better.

- Fixed a bug with ground torches preventing you from tilling anywhere near them.

v0.9.12b (September 12, 2018)[edit | edit source]

- All Staves now draw arms and shoulders correctly. When I fixed melee weapons, I forgot to fix Staves
- Scrolls now have a description of what they do in the popup window
- There is now a debuff for being in Nightmare. You will have less resistances and have a chance at dropping ancient items when you die.

- I accidentally left rain/snow off, but inclement weather is back.

v0.9.12a (September 12, 2018)[edit | edit source]

The four seasons have come to ILB!
- I have added seasons to ILB. New characters start in spring and each season lasts 7 in-game days.
- It will automatically change to the correct season on load of older characters.
- I will be changing Farming next. Seasons will change what you can plant and when.
- In winter, you will not be able to plant anything, and nothing will bloom. You have been warned. Prepare for winter.

- I have changed buff timers to display just hour or minutes or seconds depending on length, rather than exact time.
- Survival Experience for digging was being rewarded on a per-swing basis instead of per-block.

- It has been changed to be awarded on block destruction and the amount is based on how strong the block is.
- This should increase the survival experience from digging quite a bit in the late game.

- Roasted coffee beans incorrectly had a rot time (that was not displayed). They no longer rot.

v0.9.09a (September 9, 2018)[edit | edit source]

- Reduced the amount of damage that The Invigorating Ukulele does
- Hell Bats will no longer get the "sight" buff in Nightmare. No more digging all over the level.
- I have made big changes to The Tentacle of It

- The movement pattern and speed are very different.
- The room is slightly different.
- There are now visiual effects when the enlarging eye explodes.
- Nightmare AI is active now.

- Fixed a typo in the Weapon Stance Ancient item text
- Fixed a typo in the Defensive Stance Ancient item text
- You can no longer place dirt on top of ground-torches. Thanks for finding that one. It has been in a year and never reported.

v0.9.08a (September 8, 2018)[edit | edit source]

- Updated the Nightmare sight buff description to say: "and digs" because they can dig as well
- You can now pick up/remove Golden Orbs and they will disappear if you dig the background.
- There are five more monsters with new Nightmare palettes
- Amplified Scream bolts now do a lot less damage

- I have fixed cooldowns on unique items after loading. I patched to get this fixed asap.

v0.9.07a (September 7, 2018)[edit | edit source]

- Many of the monsters now have new palettes/colors for nightmare vs. normal (and hell) difficulties. This is new tech that will apply to other things as well.
- There are 5 new uniques. No spoilers, but they are pretty cool.
- Most Monsters have been reworked for nightmare mode.

- All monsters types have new buff/modifier (attack, hit points, crit, digging, building, etc)
- You can see the modifier when you mouse-over a monster-type. It will say in the popup box.

- The next ore series is available in Nightmare: Crimson and Vibrantium.
- The next series of armor in Nightmare can be made
- There is a new magic plant: Vibrantium Ore Bulb and should be auto-given if you have magic-crops unlocked.
- Most of the prices for ore, bars and armor have been adjusted to be even money. There were no changes to the base (ore) prices.

- Nightmare debuff for the player is coming very soon.
- I've also been working on controller support, liquids, winter (and a big change) and OpenGL, but none of that is quite ready.
- Changes to Boss 3 movement/AI in both Normal and Nightmare
- Final monsters for bottom layer of Normal and the End-Boss

v0.9.03a (September 3, 2018)[edit | edit source]

- Your character arms now change colors for Verdant and Cobalt armor
- Drackel the Flesh Ooze has a new AI for Nightmare difficulty
- You can no longer sleep in Wisp form
- I have added the Bronzed Ore bulb for magic farming. You should automatically get it if you have magic farming unlocked.
- Golden Fertilizer has been moved out of the general store and into seed bags in the dungeon. Gold trees now drop thousands of gold when chopped down.

- Fixed a typo with the Staggering Amulet - If you died with the automap up, the menu would appear underneath, but it should go away now.
- Selling materials didn't update the current state of your crafting recipe materials, but it does now.
- I fixed Wisp-form not losing agro to: Hell Bat, Cthulhu Minion, and Wisps.

v0.9.01a (September 1, 2018)[edit | edit source]

- New ores in Nightmare-difficulty ice-area: Cobalt and Bronzed
- New Cobalt armor
- Adjusted stats on some crafted armor sets.

- Verdant was overtuned. I set it to level 30 armor, but it should have been for 28.
- Golden Lodestone was not powerful enough and the stats have been increased.
- All armor should automatically update stats, so no need to craft new ones.

- Reduced all materials needed to craft a rare ore bar from 3 down to 2 ores
- Slightly reduced the ore needs for creating Verdant Armor
- Greatly reduced the materials needed for creating Coffee. Coffee will be changing soon to be more interesting.
- Reduced the rate of unique drops after increasing it last patch.

- I forgot to add shoulders to dual wield graphics, so I went through and drew the shoulders for every armor type/combo. You should see them now.
- Fixed a bug where you had no arms if you had dual wield and Aspire or Cosmic armor

v0.8.30a (August 30, 2018)[edit | edit source]

Big Enchanter Update:
- All buffs on your Enchanter have been removed. All ancient items have been reset (toggled off).
- The Enchanter now has a class passive buff, centered around lightning damage type and a mind-break ability
- The Violet Eye has changed into The Heart of a Wisp, allowing you to illusion yourself as a wisp, fly and hide from enemies
- The Staggering Amulet has changed and is now a lightning area attack center on you.
- The Jade Skull of the Third Eye has the debuff mind-break added to the targets as well as stun. You can mind-break bosses.

- I made a small change to monster AI for cloaked/wisp-ed characters. Monsters remembered that you were their target for 1 second after you cloaked and could attack, but now won't.
- I made food/crops/mushrooms an instant use item for the hotbar
- After level 5, you are now able to eat as much food as you like. This is to allow food with buffs to be consumed at any time.
- Hunger and stamina percents (in the left-side stats display) now display as rounded numbers instead of truncated values
- The invasion boss will now drop an item of quality equal to them being a named-monster.
- Changed odds on named-monster/mini-boss drops a bit, decreasing rings, increasing uniques.

- I fixed a bug which caused particles (rain, torches, etc) to not work properly on the 0/512 wrap-around border.
- A long-standing bug which rarely placed two doors next to each other in the dungeon has been fixed.
- Rainbow wands (including spraying) were not using the right new bolt-images, but should be working now.
- Beam wands that were transformed into The Scythe of Death were not making beams, but are fixed now.

v0.8.27a (August 27, 2018)[edit | edit source]

- Tried to optimize particles (and rain) for low-end machines. It's hard to tell if I made much difference.
- Made ilb_config.txt command to turn off rain for now
- Slightly lowered the chance for rain
- When the automap is in the lower left corner, it stays open/visible while other UI pops up now. ESC doesn't close it either. You have to toggle it closed.

- I broke mouse-over popups on buff icons, but they are fixed.
- Fixed a double space typo on melee weapons if there isn't a modifier.
- Ogres just sat there frozen/inactive forever once they are hit by knockback, but they have decided to snap out of it now.

v0.8.26a (August 26, 2018)[edit | edit source]

- Rain has come to the world of ILB!
- Toned down the dust a bit on digging
- Endless Elixir now pops up your health-bar
- You could only turn Mushrooms into compost by waiting, but you can now use the composter on them
- Added dust effect to tilling
- If your familiar dies, it turns off/resets the ancient item now.

- Fixed a selection bug. You can now select/mouse-over things in the top part of screen.
- Digging sound now based on distance, no more doggo dig sounds on the surface
- Familiars were getting caught on things, but it should be better now. Not perfect, but better.

v0.8.24a (August 24, 2018)[edit | edit source]

- There are new particle effects when you dig. A little poof of dust. It may be too much, but we will see.
- When you dig with an item that does not produce blocks, instead it creates a particle-block that bounces and fades.
- Almost all wand projectiles have new graphics. Instead of square, plain particles, they now have a little "bolt" graphic.
- I made a very minor change to Necro pet AI that should improve it just slightly.

Wizard Update part two:
- Magic Shield has become Frozen Shield, combining Magic Shield and Icy Essay. If you get hit with shield, you shoot out freezing bolts.
- The wizard has a new Ancient Text called "Familiar Folio".

- The familiar is a drake pet that follows the wizard around and shoots random status effects at targets.
- It also gives an increase to elemental damage
- It has nearly the same AI as Necro-skulls.

- There is a new Runeword for Wizards.

- Fixed the text of Finding affix to say "luck rating" instead of "magic find"
- Fixed the survival tree description of Adamantine Pickaxe to say "does not produce blocks".
- It said you could read scrolls in the bank, but you couldn't. It has been fixed.
- Shift + Right-mouse-button on ancient bar at vendor sells instead of just RMB without-shift to make to the same as the rest of inventory.

v0.8.22a (August 22, 2018)[edit | edit source]

- Reduced the screen-shake on Concussive melee weapons and added push-back (like wands)
- Unique armors now sell for gold
- Magic Find has an overhaul. It is now named: Luck Rating

- Luck Rating is a diminishing returns formula that approaches 200% (double the old cap)
- All items with Magic Find now have the same amount of points of Luck Rating
- In general, if you had a low (less than 50) amount of magic find, your odds are a bit better now
- At the old cap (100) it is still 100% increase
- At 300 Luck Rating, it is about 150% increase

- When you increase your health through potions or ancient items, it updates/shows your health-bar
- Made the monster health bars a darker color to differentiate between yours and theirs. I may turn them green or some other color.
- The Adamantine Pick will no longer create blocks when mining. It will still create ore.
- Change The Great Leveler to unique item instead of Ancient. Making room for several operating uniques.

- If you had The Great Leveler in your current ancient bar, it will pop out to the ground.

- Barely increased the odds of unique items (<1%), but improved the percentages between common, uncommon and rare once it choose to drop one. I increased uncommon and rare uniques.
- I changed the way that uniques drop (again). Unique crystals count as uniques as well now when dropping, along with new interactive uniques (like: The Great Leveler).
- The Lord High Marshall set has been improved. Regeneration is now percentage based and it has armor percentage as well. Only newly generated items will get these changes.
- I have started on the Wizard update, but it isn't complete

- The Magic Shield has it's own yellow health bar now, so you can see the damage to your shielding
- I've added a new sound to The Thunderstorm Text
- The Wizard Passive is now in
- More to come... Changes to Icy Essay and a new Runeword

v0.8.20a (August 20, 2018)[edit | edit source]

- When a Bard has increased song radius, the particle effect will change as well
- Updated the image for ripe and unharvest-able Black Bean plants to hopefully be more noticable.

- Fixed a small bug with Flight and you can now hold down the space bar to fly again.
- Sometimes when harvesting crystal plants, identify states and names were incorrrect on crystals, but it has been fixed.
- Fixed a bug when the Warrior used Dash multiple times in the air, your vertical speed was never reset and you would take falling damage.
- The new Scythe of Death runeword had some bugs with different types of wands (spray, etc), but those are fixed now.

v0.8.18a (August 18, 2018)[edit | edit source]

- When you press 'E' (interact) to plant, it fills every nearby, highlighted dirt-mound.
- Once you start planting, you can hold down the 'E' (interact) button and move to speed-plant.
- When you change difficulties, I capped the monster levels at the max for that difficulty, rather than 50. For those with stray level 50 monsters in normal, this should help after a world reset.
- You can now sell items at the vendor by picking up the item and left-clicking it on the vendor window.
- There are 5 new unique items.
- Items with Double Jump (Ring, Aspiration Set, etc) now have Feather Falling Triple Jump instead
- Quick Draw Legs have changed so they are created with Wisdom or Grit depending on character class. Old versions won't change.

- Fixed a Typo in Octagonal Crystal
- Ore plants could not be "hold" harvested, because they weren't considered crops. They marched in the streets demanding equality and will now be considered crops.
- I believe I have fixed double mound bug (again). Old double-mounds will still exist.
- Money trees were spawning their gold too high above the tree, but it should be lower now
- Fixed a bug with the treasure tables involving unique items. You should see some more variety now.
- When you were speed-harvesting and had a full inventory it would give you 60 errors a second (with sound!) while the button was down. It now give you just a single error and stops.
- The recipe components were not updating when you created new compost, but do now

v0.8.17a (August 17, 2018)[edit | edit source]

- I changed quick sell at a vendor from (right mouse button) to (shift + rmb). This should help stop selling back bank tabs after you buy them and are excited to read them.
- You can now eat food, drink potions and read scrolls at the vendor with right mouse button. Tooltips are updated.
- If you bought bank tabs out of order (more expensive first) the prices would adjust and you would lose money. It now keeps track of which you buy.
- Gath'ack the Soulgazer Gath'ack the Soulgazer has new AI, and a new room for Nightmare difficulty
- All of the bosses in Nightmare don't have backgrounds to easily place blocks and platforms on
- Big Necro changes:

- Necro now has a passive
-All buffs have been removed and ancient items toggled off for Necromancers.
-I doubled the damage on the Grim Scythe (to: 100/200/500/1000)
-Undead Heart has changed -- you now get Flight at Starting Rank, Slow Digestion moved to Tier 1 with infravision, Tier 4 increases Resistances
-Soul Collector has changed -- Gain a soul on kill. Stacks to 10. Every time you are hit, uses 1 soul and unleashes bolts
-There is a Necromancer runeword: The Scythe of Death

- If you were holding any item while food rotted anywhere in your inventory it caused you to drop the item off your mouse and place it back in inventory. This is fixed.
- Fixed calculation for monsters levels when switching between Normal and Nightmare difficulties. No more level 50s in the dirt in Normal!

v0.8.16a (August 16, 2018)[edit | edit source]

"Big melee weapon changes today!"

- There are now different modifiers on all melee weapons, much like wands. There may be more in the future.

- Stunning: chance to stun your target
- Slicing: chance to bleed your target
- Cleaving: Hit all enemies at the target impact point
- Bashing: Knock your target back when hit
- Concussive: Launch an air projectile towards the mouse cursor

- New Scroll: Scroll of Discovery - read to reveal/map a nearby special room

v0.8.15b (August 15, 2018)[edit | edit source]

- Scrolls (including bank-tab expansions) can now be read by using the interact key ('e') as well as right-clicked. This way you can read them at the vendor.
- You can now extract seeds from crops at the vendor.
- I changed the way a monster checks line of sight to the player and a few reactions. There should be some small changes in play.

- The mouse-overs and click-able areas for the inventory were slightly off, but have been fixed.
- Many of the crystals had cut-off graphics at the bottom, but they show their entire graphic now.
- There were many artifacts on the edges of icons (gray-lines, stray pixels, etc) and other UI elements. I have done a pass and all UI graphics should be close to pixel-perfect.
- I fixed the pop-up box UI. Sometimes it would draw a jagged edge, but it should make a smooth box now.
- The code for mouse-over text on buffs/debuffs was incorrect and didn't follow the logic for the actual buffs/debuffs. It should be fixed.
- Buffs that gave you stacking execute stat didn't have mouse-over/identification text, but it says now.
- A long-standing bug that allowed monsters to see through the diagonal corners of blocks has been fixed.
- You could stop some monsters by placing a block right over their head, but that has been fixed.

- There is a rumor that if you have carrots in the fridge and you try to extract seeds from them with E, it is 100% that you will only get one seed per carrot, but I couldn't repeat this and the code looks correct.

v0.8.15a (August 15, 2018)[edit | edit source]

- Corruption was spreading WAY too fast, but it is back to the normal rate now.

v0.8.14b & v0.8.14c (August 14, 2018)[edit | edit source]

- Fixed a bug which crystal plants were growing at their debug rate instead of normal rate
- Fixed a bug that didn't raise the stack-limit on new potions that dropped, despite having the survival talent.
- You could no longer shift+rmb to pick up the fridge, but you can now.

v0.8.14a (August 14, 2018)[edit | edit source]

- Slightly moved the distance a pet follows at so you can see their face more often
- I halved the price of each bank tab. Sorry, those who bought them before, that gold is gone.
- There are now multiple gold fertilizers sold in General Store
- Sleep now heals a percentage, not a flat number. 1% on the ground, 2% in bed.
- The ALT key has some upgrades/changes

- Fixed the bug that prevented some names above the items on the 512/0 wrap-around
- Gold now says how much gold ("130 Gold")
- The names try not to overlap

- The new Rich Clay Block is now available in Creative
- When a ring pattern drops, it will now say if you know the recipe on mouse-over in the world.
- Cobblestone is for sale at the General Store
- Some Farming changes:

- You can now hold down the right-mouse-button and walk along harvesting everything in the path
- When you use the composter, it tries to stack the compost you create with a stack in the inventory
- New Survival Farming Tree Node: Double the stack size of seeds

- New Survival Cooking Tree Node: Double the stack size of potions
- You can now use the 'e' (or interact) key to convert crystal plants directly into crystal shards instead of harvesting first.

- Fixed World Corruption going beyond 80% of the world width
- If you ate the last item in a stack of food while sleeping, you woke up, but now you can eat and sleep at the same time all you want.
- If you placed a fridge down, opened it, then pick it up the fridge UI was still open. This has been fixed.
- You can now longer use the Whirling Charm and sleep at the same time.

v0.8.13b (August 13, 2018)[edit | edit source]

- I now force-evaluate your building states when you enter the game from loading, updating blueprint construction states to ensure building construction is possible.

- Fixed a bug with picking up buildings. It would prevent you from constructing new buildings after you made one, picked it up and deleted the blueprint.

v0.8.13a (August 13, 2018)[edit | edit source]

- The game now uses Vsync (Vertical Sync) to keep the framerate at your monitor refresh rate (usually 60 or 75 fps)! No more card meltdowns.

- It is defaulted to ON
- You can change it in the config file if you want to

- The Moon now has eight phases it goes through.
- After a long battle and years of comments, I have finally gone away from oil/smog torches. The smoke is much more transparent and the fire and smoke are slowed down a bit. It looks better.
- There is a new special room that can spawn in new dungeon levels: Mushrooms! Find these rooms to fill up on a dozen or so mushrooms.
- All special dirt rooms (gold, food, mushrooms, chests, crystals, etc) now have a special dirt graphic to help find them and change up the level graphics a bit. More block/level graphic changes coming.
- I have redone Ambient Pet movement. They now try and stay out of the way.

- You could trash building blueprints and it didn't update the crafting status so you could never make a new building. It now updates.
- Rarely, you could get two (or more) dirt mounds on a single block/tile. This has been fixed, but old double-mounds will still exist.
- If you crafted a Rune that wasn't one of the base common 8, it didn't mark Rune creation quest, but it does now.

v0.8.08a (August 8, 2018)[edit | edit source]

- Abel the Collector has been added

- This NPC will appear only in Standard mode
- Abel will retrieve your dropped items on death for a gold fee
- The building is called the Twisted Tree and unlocked after placing the General Store (along with the Bank)
- Abel will not go away during invasions
- If you currently have items dropped in the dungeon, it won't be able to find those. Only items dropped after the patch.

- Items that are dropped on death remember which slot they came from and try to go back into that slot first
- Mushrooms have been changed

- They are much more abundant
- They now rot over time like all other food
- Mushrooms can be placed in the fridge
- All mushrooms will feed you, some with small side-effects
- The "snack" mushroom will appear on the surface and be auto-identified

- Rats have been added to the game

- They have few hit points and only drop small chunks of meat

- Both Rats and more mushrooms will not be in current worlds. New worlds will need to be created or regenerated to have them.
- I have removed Fireflies for a bit while they get a redo
- You can now eat directly out of fridge instead of having to place it in your inventory first
- You can no longer place buildings below the first world-zone

- Fixed a bug which didn't display the PI rune correctly when drawn in Green

v0.8.03a (August 3, 2018)[edit | edit source]

- You can no longer die of hunger. Instead, you get a severe debuff that goes away once you eat.

- Fixed a drop table bug where The Great Leveler was dropping too often.
- The Whirling Charm had the wrong buff icon.
- The Deadly Nimble icon said 100 when the item got changed to be 50% dodge, from 100. The icon now says 50.

v0.8.02a (August 2, 2018)[edit | edit source]

- You can now pick up and move buildings by shift+right-mouse-button on the NPC/vendor.
- You can now place buildings by picking them up in your inventory and placing them in the world instead of having to place them in your hotbar first.
- Items with cooldowns now display fractions of a second (1/10ths) if less than 1s is remaining.

- Fixed a bug which refreshed vendors if you loaded the game.
- The Great Leveler had a cooldown of less than a second and displayed 0 cooldown in the item description. It now displays 0.5 like it should.
- You could not trash items directly from the refridgerator, but you can now.
- While at the bank, you couldn't pick crystals out of equipment. This is fixed.

v0.7.31a (July 31, 2018)[edit | edit source]

- The Cleric ancient Endless Elixir has changed to The Surging Elixir. It now gives 2x Armor, 30% attack speed, and regeneration for 3 seconds. If you Smite while it is active, it extends it 1 second.
- There are new Iron Mace graphics.
- There are new Mace graphics as well. It now has spikes. The turkey leg is gone.
- The Tabard of Air returns as a general ancient item. It has 100% chance of a jump and you gain a stacking Attack Power buff until you land.
- The Great Leveler has returned as a general ancient item as well. It now has a cooldown of 1/2 a second.
- I have added the moon. Moon phases are coming.
- Both the moon and sun have new paths they take through the sky.

- I fixed targeting with the Ring of Digging. If any location is okay in the 3x3 it digs, unless one of the location is indestructible.
- The spiders from Drackel the Flesh Ooze will no longer freak out and flip back and forth constantly when on platforms.

v0.7.29a (July 29, 2018)[edit | edit source]

- Renamed all of the 2nd crafted weapons to start with the word "Improved" to help with the quest
- Changed the Learning potion text to reflect the new hotbar layout

- Accidentally started Cleric with sword and shield recipe instead of mace and shield and the quest would not complete. They now start with the correct recipe.
- If you created the improved mace, it didn't count for the Cleric Commander Vile quest, but that is also fixed.
- Fixed a bug when you opened the fridge, then clicked on the bank, both would be displayed.
- If you had the old Tabard of Air turned on and got the buff, it never went away. It should be fixed now.

v0.7.28b (July 28, 2018)[edit | edit source]

- Changed Whirlwind just slightly so that if you are attacking, press The Whirling Charm and hold the mouse down the entire time, you will continue attacking after whirlwind.

- Fixed a bug with Whirlwind and Mouse-wheel hotbar item changing. No more whirlwinding pickaxes or torches

v0.7.28a (July 28, 2018)[edit | edit source]

- All new Mace and Shield graphics!
- I redid the way classes use weapons so that I can easily toggle weapon types (wands, swords, maces, etc) on for each class.

- The change was very large and could impact starting quests, altar combines and what items drop for classes. I tested, but there may be bugs.

- Each class now has an identifier making it an intelligence/wisdom class or a grit/vigor. It used to be determined by melee, but no longer. Make sure the affixes make sense for your class.

- Can now use wands or mace and shield. Old characters should have starting recipes and maces should drop.
- I changed The Diviner to cure all status effects as well as heal

- The Reflective Chestguard has changed a lot.

- The reflective ability happens all the time, not just during a block or dodge.
- The amount of damage your reflected bolt does is based on your weapon damage
- The reflected bolt reflects towards your cursor location
- The chance of reflecting is doubled if you are crouching

- The Tabard of Air has been removed. It will be making a comeback as a general ancient item later (with a cool improvement)
- New Ancient: The Whirling Charm

- If you died while in mid-dash with the Warrior, when you restarted in town, the dash would continue. This has been fixed.
- I forgot to enable the Wizard double-jump passive, but they should be able to double-jump now like the rest of us.

v0.7.23a (July 23, 2018)[edit | edit source]

- Double jump for all! I thought about this for a long time. The game is just more fun with double jump.

- There will be changes to items/uniques that gave you double jump in the coming days. I have a planned substitute ability.

- The Double Jump ring pattern will no longer drop.
- Wisps have a change to their AI. They may do too much damage. Be careful hardcores!

- The Cleric now has its class passive: Smite
- Smite: Every time you vanquish a foe, gain a level-scaled, stacking Armor and level-scaled Attack Power buff
- The Endless Elixir has changed

- It now runs for 30 seconds, but the regen % boosts on ranks (2,3,4,5%)
- It now cures all status aliments on use

- I am debating one more change for Cleric before I move to Enchanter tomorrow.

- I added a small, quick AoE stun to the end of the Ancient Plate Boots dash
- The digging component of the Ancient Plate Boots has a smaller radius now

- The HP regen for Rank 3 of the Defensive stance was broken, but is fixed now. It may be too good.
- Bards had an annoying quest (to make the original weapon) stuck/always up. You can (re)complete it now and it goes away.

v0.7.21a (July 21, 2018)[edit | edit source]


- I changed the damage on the dash digging to scale with your player level. There were some reports of deep-down digging being a problem. - I changed the way the dash calculates your final position. You should be able to dash into smaller spaces now. - Added a combat-style description string when starting a character so you can tell if it is ranged or melee - Changed the recipe reveal tip from "Improved wand and iron armor" to "Improved weapon and iron armor" - Many missile sounds were not being changed due to position in the world, but now are. This should help with Surface Eye (Seeker) bombs. - Intelligence shrines have been changed to give you Grit if you are melee

Bugs: - Fixed a bug where if you dashed right next to you, the dash particles would never end. Though it looked cool, it was not the intent. - Fixed a terrible bug where you would lose your arms while switching items mid-swing. You couldn't get them back until you died. - You could dash into the ground. Though I saw it done a million times, I had a tough time repeating it. I put in a fix. We will see. - Fixed a typo: dealt

v0.7.20a (July 20, 2018)[edit | edit source]

- Warrior has been unlocked! Dash and slay your way to fun!
- I changed the way percentage regeneration works in the game. Instead of just being 1%, it can be any percent and it can stack.

- Endless Elixir got the health regeneration increased from 1% to 5%
- The Golden Goblet also got increased from 1% to 5%
- I put the changes to regeneration in that inventory stats window. It now displays HPs/sec and percent HP/sec.

- I changed the audio engine to only play 1 "copy" of a sound in a given frame. This should stop the sounds bursting to really loud.
- I reduced the damage on the Imp Riders, but I'm not sure if they were really doing too much damage. It looked okay to me, but reports were different.
- Ring of Critical Protection has been reduced from 5 seconds to 3 seconds of immunity
- The Holy Vial grants you 3 seconds of immunity when it triggers

- Elemental damage increases were not working for swords/melee. It will now be working and show properly in the stats window.

v0.7.18c (July 18, 2018)[edit | edit source]


- Fixed a bug which would sometimes spawn the wrong ilevel for an item in nightmare difficulty

v0.7.18b (July 18, 2018)[edit | edit source]


- Unique items will now display their ilevel when you mouse-over them

Bugs: - Fixed a bug which would prevent unique items from being fully generated without all of their stats.

v0.7.18a (July 18, 2018)[edit | edit source]

- Crystals now display ilevel when you mouse-over them
- Slightly reduced the damage done by the Bard Ukulele to 50/100/150/200% of your attack power
- Dirt tiles are now for sale in General Store
- There were quite a few changes to the 4th boss

- The eye-spiders only have a 50% chance of spawning, have less hit points and attack less often
- The lasers shooting out of the boss have been reduced in number, but now dig blocks
- The boss eye has an aura of damage if you get close to it
- The eye-spiders no longer wander out of the room

- The way that many items drop is very different. Before, many drops were based on treasure tables and ilevel. Now difficulty and world-zone influence the drop.

- This should fix all the potion drops in the game. You should get the right potions in normal and nightmare.
- This will change the way unique items select which crystal slot shape to use
- It also will change which shapes of crystals drop in the dungeon. Nightmare goes through the same progression as normal.
- New support armors for nightmare are coming soon to help with the crystal drops. For now, Uniques will be the progression.

- A bug which would destroy your wand when you tried to create a staff and you would lose everything has been fixed. Sorry about that.
- Fixed a typo: Symphonic
- Comfort chili didn't go into the fridge (and raw meat and pot pie). No one likes cold chili, but it should go in there anyhow despite taste logic.
- You can move move ancient items from the new bar into the bank directly instead of going to inventory first.
- I fixed a bug which would cause you to swing when you picked up swords sometimes.

v0.7.15a (July 15, 2018)[edit | edit source]


- Added Runeword unique weapons for both Bard and Rogue with unique graphics - Changed Rogue to have up to 15 Deep Wounds instead of 10, but Ancient Items will consume a maximum of 10. This way you can use 2 skills quickly. - Changed some descriptions of Bard Ancient Items to include the word "magic" damage when appropriate. - The rogue has a better lighting calculations when in shadows now. They will be darker and it will be more obvious.

Bugs: - There was a typo in the Deep Wounds buff description when you mouse-over the buff icon. - Some of the stats were not displaying in the inventory stats window, but they are back. They always worked, just not displayed. - Commander Vile was not checking where it was spawning and could spawn inside of blocks and be stuck. It proclaimed "I WILL NOT BE STOPPED BY BLOCKS" and it was so.

v0.7.13a (July 13, 2018)[edit | edit source]


- Players now have a passive class buff. Just the bard and rogue are starting with them for now. - Bard Passive: Double Jump, 20% Magic Elemental Damage increase - Rogue: Double Jump, 50% of hits generate Deep Wounds, and 20% Poison Elemental Damage increase

- From above, obviously rogue has changed. Deep wounds no longer come from the cloak and critical hits, but now just happen from attacking. - Deep Wounds provides 1% critical hit per stack - The bard BPAoEs have been changed to damage type of magic - Magic damage percentage increases can now appear on items as a random affix - Magic damage percentage is now displayed in your inventory stats panel - Bard Ukulele damage has been increased to 100/150/200/250% of Attack Power - I greatly decreased the amount of damage that the doggos do when they have riders. The were balanced before melee. - Double Jump has been removed from melee items

Bugs: - Crystal crops were using the wrong stats when choosing what type of plant to generate. They should be working and Ultra-rare and Unique crystals are possible. - In the strangest bug of all time category: If you quit to main menu and went back into the game 8 times, it would crash. It has been fixed. - If you opened up the shop and the fridge at the same time, bad things happened. Bad things. Now they close each other if one is open. - Crystal crops were not leaving dirt mounds after harvesting, but they do now.

v0.7.12a (July 12, 2018)[edit | edit source]


- I forgot to finish adding the Ancient Item: Cauterize and set it to drop. It should now be working. - Increased the survival rank cap from 25 to 35. You should be able to get everything now. - The Ancient Tome of Fire has its buff icon updated

Bugs: - Verdant armor recipes had two helms and no boots. This has been corrected. There are now boots and a helm. - Meat was left off the list of okay items for the fridge. Despite vegetarian protests, meat can now go in there. - Crystal plants (and crystals in general) were the wrong shape in nightmare difficulty. They are now all the shapes, which will make nightmare harder since there isn't all the armor yet. - You could not pick up refrigerators or composters off the ground, but through the miracle of science, you now can. - Refrigerators and composters refused to be trashed and become part of the void landfill problem. But they realized it was a void and are okay with being trashed now. - When you learned a new recipe it said, "View it by pressing 'e'" instead of 'p' (crafting panel). This was confusing since 'e' did nothing at that time. People were stymied and never crafted again. - Grit to Armor was being calculated in the wrong place and armor percent wasn't applying. This has been fixed. - Elite/named monsters were spawning with their normal hit points instead of elite hit points, but scaling their max. This is fixed, but the world has to be new for it to work. Old elites will be weak. - Fixed a long standing bug where you could sell a duplicate ancient item and eventually gain a double buff.

v0.7.11c (July 11, 2018)[edit | edit source]


- It wasn't clear that the new recall button ('t') was back to homestone only, so I changed the text

Bugs: - Fixed a bug where low-level affixes could generate negative numbers and appear to not have stats (I only display positive). The minimum is now 1. - If you brought up the ESC menu and didn't have anything selected, pressing Enter would remove the menu and keep the game paused. No longer! - Quick Vault could be picked up and then it broke in a variety of ways. It can no longer be picked up once placed. - The bard (and other) ancient item vfx weren't initializing properly after load, but they are now. Long live the notes! - I forgot to save food in the refrigerator to your save file. The food will now be there when you log back in... facepalm - The fourth boss wasn't checking if the player was in range to attack and was attacking all the time, even when you were on the surface. - One description said "dual swords and shield" but it now just says "dual swords". The shield was a lie. - Ultra rare melee weapons had the wrong names. I changed it so they have appropriate names and different names for dual wield vs. sword and shield. - The crafting panel displayed the wrong stats for starting swords. It didn't scale the numbers, but it crafted okay. Now it shows the correct numbers.

v0.7.11b (July 11, 2018)[edit | edit source]


- Fixed a bug where I left invasions at 100%. Bad Dave. Bad.

v0.7.11a (July 11, 2018)[edit | edit source]


- There are a few additional character slots for save files. - There is a new monster in the lower part of the dungeon. More new monsters soon. - Recipes now display newest->oldest instead of oldest->newest. - Invasion monsters create dirt blocks when the blow up - Scrolls of Blink, experience and acquirement have been removed. Too many abuses and Blink was terrible. Instead there is a new Cleanse scroll that removes status effects. - Runes upgrades have been moved to the crafting bar instead of having the recipe and using an altar - There is a new gem shape - The first armor in Nightmare now exists - Nightmare difficulty has new level scaling and goes from 20-40 now, preparing for Hell. - I added a Quick Vault which allows you access to your bank anywhere in the game for 1 minute at any time, including during invasions - I added a composter which changes an entire stack of crops to compost. I’m not wild about the UI with it, but I will await feedback. - The refrigerator is in the game. You can store 8 stacks of food/crops/seeds in there and they will never rot. - The speed of monsters has a small variety now, so stacking should be a bit better, but isn’t fixed. I will be working on a new way to place monsters so they aren’t quite as stacked. - All unique items start out unidentified now - I doubled the performance of lighting calculations, then realized I was calling it 100x to much. Calling it the right amount of times now gives most people 2-3x FPS - The concept of Alchemy is gone. You can make coffee and there is a single Survival node to make health potions. - The general vendor now sells health potions - There is a new “jumbo” heal potion - Green beans have been changed to Black Beans, meaning no more green bean chili. - When you pick crops, the dirt mounds now stick around. If you had a fertilized dirt mound, it will still be fertilized after you pick the crop. - Perennial plants (berry bushes, tomatoes, coffee plants, beans, etc) now have a limited number of picks before they are used and don’t respawn. This does not apply to the berry bushes spawned at the beginning of the game. They last forever. - I was calculating Unique item stats incorrectly. They are now much more in line with crafted items.

Class changes: - Bard is now sword and shield. They have a few new/changed ancient items including a new AoE. - Cleric has the Goblet removed and a new Endless Elixir - Rogue plays very differently. They now create stacks of Deep Wounds and the other ancients use these Deep Wound Stacks to power the abilities. They are now dual wield. - The Violet eye now places an eye at your mouse-cursor

Bugs: - Double tree bug is fixed! - You can no longer reset the world with a time/space scroll while an invasion is going on - Illuminating blocks in the bottom layer weren’t lighting the monsters correctly. Now they won’t pop as much - Crystals should be the right rarity out of crystal nodes

v0.5.30b (May 31, 2018)[edit | edit source]

- Added Execute to the stats window in the inventory
- Changed the Death Strike text a bit to say 5% chance

- Death Strike wands were broken. They should execute properly now.

v0.5.30a (May 31, 2018)[edit | edit source]

This will be the last of the mini-bug-fix-patches for a few days. I will be working on a new content update.

Features: - All buffs have been removed and ancient items reset. There was an exploit bug with trashing ancient items and keeping the abilities.

Bugs: - Fixed a bug that allowed you to keep the buff/stats from an ancient item if you trashed it - Removed the level-up warning messages for creative (food/item-drops) - You could read a Time/Space scroll while recalling and end up in a bad place - When you were placing blocks or buildings, all blocks that were touched while placing had their hit points set to 0 and could be mined in one hit. No idea why I set it to 0. This no longer happens. - You could duplicate an placeable object (like forge) at the banker, but it has been fixed. It didn't really dupe and would destroy your hotbar slot 0 item. - When digging, wall torches didn't behave correctly. They would pop off the walls when blocks nearby were dug. They should work well now. - If you placed your homestone below the dirt layer and reset the world, you could never make a new homestone. This has been fixed.

v0.5.29b (May 30, 2018)[edit | edit source]

Features: - The Divine Circlet was imbalanced. I originally set the percentages when armor was much lower. I redid armor values and didn't change it. It is now 10/15/20/25%. - Growth wands have had their stack max reduced to 50 - When you select away from a growth wand, the buff disappears - Increased the heal per target when using the Grim Scythe to 25/50/100/200. - Add a visual effect to the Grim Scythe - Reduced the cooldown on Grim Scythe to 10s - Decreased damage done by the Grim Scythe slightly to 50/100/250/500 because of the shorter cooldown

Bugs - Cloak of Shadows was breaking the eye-spiders from the heart-boss and they would just sit there. Now they move. - Heart/Eye boss wasn't attacking. Now it feels better and will kill once again. - Magic shield gave you 50/100/250/500 but it said 50/100/200/400. Now the text says 50/100/250/500 like it should.

v0.5.25a (May 26, 2018)[edit | edit source]

Features - I forgot to mention that Magic Find has been capped at 100% and is now displayed in the inventory stats window. - Added the Critical Damage Heal amount to the stats display list - Execute resets it's stacks every time it executes something

Bugs: - Rarely, the math could screw up and instead of dealing 500k+ damage, it would heal you. It has been fixed. Now you will die. Horribly. - Bosses were dropping the wrong crystals in Nightmare, but it has been fixed - Magic Find was not working properly with the new uniques and should be working now. - Necro Ice Pets were not taking max health, but just health. I changed the description, but not the code. This is fixed. - The Corroding Prism had the wrong buff icon when activated.

v0.5.24a (May 24, 2018)[edit | edit source]


Many classes have had several changes to their ancient items, including brand new ones. The font has new tech which should render it better There were changes to the second and third bosses and they should play better now Many new unique items, including unique crystals Improved Stats window in your inventory Some improvements to Nightmare, more to come Two new item slots (ambient pet, class items)

Overall the game has been tuned much harder in the later levels. Be VERY careful.

Tons of bug fixes, including the infamous double-item bug.

Completed Features: Remapped hotkeys now display on the hotbar You can donate items to the vendor that sell for 0 gold Increased the level difference range that monsters give experience from 5 to 10 Tree saplings can appear in seed bags Changed the Speed cap to 30 (from 20) and displayed it Bard song no longer wakes you up from sleeping, but does no damage instead The bottom zone has new improved wall tiles Health and recharge bars above the character's head now go above background blocks Placed shrines on indestructible blocks Ambient pets now have a slot on the character. Place in the slot to summon, remove to unsummon. Changed the way magic bonuses are calculated so you should find better random items based on ilevel Added several new affixes You now get an ancient item early in the game (right after instant items tutorial quest) as well as level 5, 10, etc I rescaled hunger in the beginning of the game. You lose hunger at 1/4 the rate until level 4, then 1/2 the rate until level 8 When you pick up gold, it now displays a message saying how much you picked up New wheat seed graphics There is a new version of FMOD (sound playing library) There is a new wand damage type There is a new wand delivery type

New ilb_config.txt lines: You can set the hit point bar to always be on (hp_bar 0 [off] or 1 [on]) You can set the mini map to toggle between 3 or toggle between 1 mode (map_mode 0 [all], 1 [overlay], 2 [window], or 3 [corner])

Bug fixes: The can't pick up double-item bug has been fixed! The Eye boss had several room layouts for some reason You could do some swapping and end up with a stack of items in the altar, which was bad When you died, the mouse cursor and menu location selections were out of sync Devour tooltip had a typo Fixed a flicker at the top of the screen, which would create red flashing lines at the top Pets now fall if you dig the ground beneath them Coffee berries now have rot and seed tooltips Two resistance rings do stack, but reports were they didn't Stacking elemental buff from exceptional items didn't have a tooltip on the buff icon Wands lost their recharge time and charge counts in the tooltip when they became staves, but they have been found When digging the rare ore in an area first, it wouldn't unlock the recipe. This meant they never became bars. They were sad. When converting Aspire armor to Cosmic armor, it would keep the Aspire set bonuses. No longer I say! Sculpted Dark Cube now looks like it should instead of wood when placed in the world.


Bard: Amplified Scream – New ancient item amplifies a damaging scream when you get critically hit

Cleric: Golden Goblet – Add a regen over time when you drink a potion

Rogue: Cloak of Shadows - Will now work better. Monsters instantly lose you as a target. Poisonous Phial – An active skill, shooting many bolts that always poison your enemies

Enchanter: The Violet Eye has changed to The Dazzling Eye The Dazzling Eye – create a non-attacking pet that wipes your enemy’s minds and they can target it Mind of Clarity – now gives you a chance to skip using a charge when you shoot instead of an intelligence boost The Corroding Prism – an activated attack that lowers the resistance of all enemies around you

Necromancer: Ice Skulls -- I've worked on the AI a bit and they should be much better at getting out of the way, moving around, and targeting/attacking things. Grim Scythe – Instantly do damage all around you and leach life from each target First One’s Bone – Become a Lich for a few seconds and gain more and more powerful abilities Soul Collector – Every time you kill, collect a soul. Once you reach 5, a burst of dark magic explodes from you Undead Heart – Gain amazing abilities as you rank it up, from slow digestion to ???

Wizard: Magic Shield has been revamped. It will now display on the UI and recharge over time The Icy Essay – shoot a pair piercing bolts that freeze your enemies around you The Thunderstorm Text – Send a wave of reflective lightning bolts at the cursor

v0.5.06a (May 6, 2018)[edit | edit source]

After being away for a few days, there was a lot of debugging of broken games/saves that needed to be done right away.

Key remapping remains my 2nd biggest priority behind crash/save/load bugs.

In theory, I'm going to breathe for a minute in the next few days and make a roadmap.


- I further reduced the number of monsters in the portal entrance.

- Cleaned up the exit from the game if you fail to create a window or can't initialize DirectX to give better debug info.

- The Piercing Piccolo will now break stealth and wake you up from sleep

- You can only continue to rest at 100% in beds

- Doubled the number of entities you can have in the game. Some people had 6000+ torches/platforms (or dirt blocks) and were running out of space.

- Doubled the number of objects that can be drawn on the screen for those giant farms. Don't know how performant it will be, but you can do it.

- Decreased the number of fire particles from torches if the framerate starts to drop too far

- While pressing ALT, item names will now display in their rarity color on the ground

- Okay, step #2 of many to get rebinding keys into the game. I changed the font stuff again. This time, I:

1) Made an outlined font texture instead of doing it with code.

2) Changed the player status to be outlined in the upper right for read-ability

3) Changed the concept of the texture to help with it being more pixel-perfect. It isn't perfect yet, but it should be better.

4) Made a tiny version of the font for the main-bar remapping and added unsual keys to the font (page-up, arrows, etc)

Note: Let me know if I broke the font somewhere with a screenshot. Thanks!


- Fixed an infinite loop bug caused when you used the Violet Eye on one of your own Necro skulls

- There was a typo in the ancient item description about placing it on the main bar

- Fixed a scaling bug at level 50. Your stats should be fixed now.

v0.5.01a (May 2, 2018)[edit | edit source]

Features: - Changed the way I detect display modes and how many display modes I can handle. Should detect more resolutions than before. - AI now handles losing a target in a much better way. Should see less erratic behavior post-charming. Please pay attention to AI. This is a big change. Note odd behavior.

Bugs: - When a doggo had a target, and that target was deleted, there was a chance that the doggo would crash the game. Bad doggo. Bad. - The new end of demo text message is for the quest dialog, not the screen. It was too big. It has been removed. - Fixed a bug where Cosmic set items were not displaying the right text. They were displaying Aspire text instead.

v0.4.30a (April 30, 2018)[edit | edit source]


- Pressing down ('s') while having the gliding ability will let you fall faster. You will not take damage from falling.

- Some people were accidentally clicking on bank-tabs at the vendor after buying them and selling them back and not expanding their bank. You can no longer sell bank tabs back.

- Changed the message after boss 3 in normal difficulty to give more information about what to do next.

- Changed the portal scroll to reveal all the portal entrances, instead of the first one in your map if you have more than one


- The Wizard's Book of Magic Shield was broken. If you took elemental damage (poison, fire, etc) it would refresh the shield to full. This has been fixed. Wizards no longer invincible. Watch out!

- The Jade Skull of the Third Eye could stun bosses. This has been fixed. I wanted to keep it for enchanters, but it is causing exploits and bugs, including crashes.

- If you used the Great Leveler and slept at the same time, you would take massive damage because you were asleep and falling. This has been fixed.

- Homestones, boss bags and a few other things were trash-able. It could block progress in the game. This has been fixed.

- Removing a crystal from the armor kept the rarity color of the crystal. It should now change back to the right rarity.

- Adding a crystal to a unique armor changed the rarity color. This should not happen anymore.

- Properly named King Berzerker as Mad Berzerker. It was right in the patch notes and wrong in the game.

- Demon Riders in portal areas were being spawned at level 0. They are now correctly leveled.

- Fixed players loading the game with survival points to spend and the green plus not showing up.

- Digging blocks under ghost and wisps (and other flying monsters) made many of them disappear. This has been fixed.

- I think I fixed yet another bug with the unique monsters merging together. This time I mean it. Really. I swear.

v0.4.29a (April 30, 2018)[edit | edit source]


- The first two Unique item drops are in the game; Mad Berzerker and Blurred Swiftness. They can only drop from bosses and named monsters.

- I added a new monster called the Demon Rider. They are located in the deepest zone of the world.

- When Wisps explode on you, they create mini-wisps. The explosion damage wasn't working. If you kill them before they reach you, they don't.

- Greatly increased the amount of hit points the necro skulls have and gave them a regen. Pathing improvements coming soon.

- Changed carrot seed icons. They looked too similar to cabbage.

- Holy Vial now has a different cooldown on use vs toggle


- Fixed a bug where the unique monsters were not using their unique textures and looked normal, or were riding doggos.

- I think I fixed a crash on exit. I was mishandling the release of the new font texture.

- Removed the word 'plus' from ancient ranking message in tooltip. It used to cost another resource but now it doesn't and I left the word in.

- There were rare instances when Holy Vial was not working. It should work all the time now.

- Ice/Fire percent damage items were not being shown correctly in the UI. They still had their damage applied correct, but not shown.

v0.4.28a (April 30, 2018)[edit | edit source]


- Reduced the price of the both bank tabs and added 2 more. You can now have 6 total bank pages (start with 2, add 4).

- When you fail to combine something at the altar, it will no longer destroy your components.

- I expanded the range that you can do damage to monsters from 10 levels above your level to 15

- I put in a message in the monster mouse-over information window if the level difference is too great and how much damage is reduced

- Reduced the number of monsters that can appear in the first room on the other side of a portal

- Moved the font into it's own texture. This was needed for a lot of reasons, but biggest one is step 1 in supporting key-rebinding. Watch for missing text please.

- Shift+Right-click at the bank tries to stack the item first, then go to any available slot in the currently open page, then anywhere


- Runeword upgrade scrolls were not stacking like other Runeword scrolls. They now stack to 20 as well.

- Fixed a "recommended" typo

- Ore and bars were selling for the same amount. Bars are now worth 1-3x ore depending on how much ore it costs to make the bar.

0.4.27b (April 30, 2018)[edit | edit source]


- Removed the possibilty of an invasion until a bit later in the game. Some people were getting them really early.

- Made sure that at least one cobblestone patch and one iron ore patch was near the surface

- Moved the reward of the hoe from the farming quest to the seeds/rest/eating quest. This should allow farming earlier.

- Increased the number of carrots and cabbages slightly at the beginning.

- Gave the 3rd boss a bit more hps, a bit more damage and shoots faster. More changes to come!

- You can now rest as long as you like, even when you are 100% stamina. You heal while resting.


- Fixed a bug with Pureguard. I nerfed the text, but not the actual item a while ago. Now they match.

- With the Unicode change from before, the gold and crystal shard images were broken. They should appear now.

v0.4.27a (April 30, 2018)[edit | edit source]


- Changed the entire code base from ASCII to Unicode to support forgein language Windows.

This is a big change that should allow people with non-English characters in their account names to save files!

Please pay attention to the text in the game. It is also Unicode now and report any bugs please.

- Turned on the debug_log.txt file on exit without a popup notification. This should provide some information on bugs people are having.

I hope to have another patch today with content but wanted to get this fix out asap.

v0.4.24b (April 30, 2018)[edit | edit source]

Welcome to Early Access!


- Did a pass on the armor stats. The numbers were all over the place. Should be much better now.

- Added a first-time tips sequence after you create a character. This will only be shown once.

- Added a warning to hardcore

- Changed the Survival panel to display what the talent does even once you've taken it.

Bug Fixes:

- Aspirational and Cosmic armor were not increasing their stats properly. This has been fixed. Only new versions of these armors will have correct stats.

- When you used The Violet eye or The Obliterater, you could put it on your bar, click it, put it back into inventory and use it. This has been fixed.