Farming and Cooking

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Farming and Cooking[edit | edit source]

Game Modes like Survival allow players to use Tools and Buildings to plant Seeds. Seeds require a dirt mounds and season in order to grow. All four seasons can be bypassed by using the Greenhouse.

The quest Cooking your food grants the player some basic food recipes. Additional quests will unlock Buildings and the Survival Tree.

Food Buffs[edit | edit source]

Food(s) Buff Duration (min)
Spaghetti +10 Attack Power 15
Fantastic Pot Pie Blessing +5 15
Bleu Cheese +15% Experience gain 15
Mashed White +25 Magic Find rating 15
Summer Salad +10 Vitality 15
Hearty Veggie Bowl Scaling Vitality (level 100: 25) 15
Creamy Mushrooms +10 Lightning and Cold resist rating 15
Spicy Mushrooms +10 Poison and Fire resist rating 15
Warm Berry Pie Regenerate (1%) 2
Delicious Energy Bar Energize 3
Burrito Sustain 3
Latte Energizes and Sustain 2

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