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Defensive Stance

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Defensive Stance Buff icon.png
Defensive Stance icon.png
Empty Half Block icon.png

Reduce damage taken as well as damage dealt
Increase your dodge or block rate
Regenerate health
Cannot be used with Weapon Stance

Class: Warrior
Receive at lvl: 10
Recharge time: 10 seconds
  • Rank 1: 10% reduced taken, 10% reduced dealt, 2% more dodge/block, 5 hit points per second
  • Rank 2: 15% reduced taken, 12% reduced dealt, 4% more dodge/block, 10 hit points per second
  • Rank 3: 20% reduced taken, 14% reduced dealt, 8% more dodge/block, 15 hit points per second
  • Rank 4: 25% reduced taken, 16% reduced dealt, 16% more dodge/block, 1% max hit points per second
  • Rank 5: 30% reduced taken, 18% reduced dealt, 30% more dodge/block, 2% max hit points per second