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Surface materials[edit | edit source]

Lying on the ground[edit | edit source]

Used only at the beginning of the game to craft basic tools.

Sticks Sticks
Rocks Rocks
Tough Grass Tough Grass

Game long useful[edit | edit source]

Used throughout the whole game.

Wood Wood
Plants icon.gif Plants

Plants[edit | edit source]

Plants can be cultivated from seeds in dirt mounds dirt mounds , found on the Surface, bought in limited quantities at the General Store General Store , or found in chests. Plants are used in Cooking.

List of Plants[edit | edit source]

Berries Berries Cabbage Cabbage Carrot Carrot Cauliflower Cauliflower
Coffee Berries Coffee Berries Corn Corn Garlic Garlic Black Beans Black Beans
Potato Potato Sunflower Sunflower Tomato Tomato Wheat Bushel Wheat Bushel

Trees[edit | edit source]

Magic Crops[edit | edit source]

Mushrooms[edit | edit source]

Mushrooms grow on the surface and below, and you will find most of them as you explore underground. All mushrooms feed you for a small amount and each has one additional effect determined by its affix. They are also used in several cooking recipes.
Mushroom affixes are randomized for every new character. Once a mushroom is identified on a character, it will always have the same affix.
Mushrooms you pick do not respawn. You can produce your own mushrooms by building the Mushroom Station.

List of mushrooms

Day Mushroom Day Mushroom Mustard Mushroom Mustard Mushroom Night Mushroom Night Mushroom Periwinkle Mushroom Periwinkle Mushroom
Royal Mushroom Royal Mushroom Sorrel Mushroom Sorrel Mushroom Turquoise Mushroom Turquoise Mushroom Verdant Mushroom Verdant Mushroom

Mushroom affixes

Each time you start with a new character, the affixes are randomly attached to various mushrooms. All mushrooms help stave off some hunger and some have other effects as well.

First Aid

  • Staves off (findout) points of hunger.
  • Gives 5 seconds of regeneration (1HP/sec), for a total of 5 (gotta double-check that..) hitpoints.


  • Staves off a little hunger.


  • Staves off some hunger.


  • Staves off a lot of hunger.
  • Remain well fed for 3 minutes


  • Staves off a little hunger.
  • Blinds you for 5 seconds.


  • Staves off a little hunger.
  • Poisons you for ?? seconds.


  • Staves off a little hunger.
  • Removes all status effects.


  • Staves off a little hunger.
  • Confuses you for ?? seconds, taking away control over your character and making it run around like a madman.

Mining materials[edit | edit source]

Blocks[edit | edit source]

Blocks can be mined with Pickaxes and placed in the world. Some blocks are also used in crafting, for example Ice Ice or Crimson Cobblestone Crimson Cobblestone .

Ores[edit | edit source]

Ores are used to make Bars, which are used to make Armors. Ores can be mined underground or grown in dirt mounds dirt mounds using Ore Bulbs.

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List of Ores[edit | edit source]