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This page lists the Characters in It Lurks Below.

Player Classes[edit | edit source]

The character classes are defined by the ancient items they receive every 5 levels. These are the only ancient items that can be upgraded. All classes can double jump.

Melee Classes[edit | edit source]

Bard[edit | edit source]

Bard Passive Buff icon.png Increase Magic Damage by 20%

  • Grit/Vigor class
  • Uses Sword and Shields Sword and Shields
  • Note: Crouching with Sword and Shield in hand doubles your Block
  • "Music and song will enhance your stats and melt your enemies"

See Bard's Ancient Items

Rogue[edit | edit source]

Rogue Passive Buff icon.png

50% of the time you hit, gain Deep Wounds.
Increase Poison Damage by 20%

  • Grit/Vigor class
  • Uses Dual Swords Dual Swords
  • "Lurk deep into the shadows to surprise your enemies with vengeance"

See Rogue's Ancient Items

Warrior[edit | edit source]

Warrior Passive Buff icon.png

You can wield any melee weapon.
Increase Armor and Hit Points by 20%

  • Grit/Vigor class
  • Uses Sword and Shields Sword and Shields and Dual Swords Dual Swords
  • Note: Crouching with Sword and Shield in hand doubles your Block
  • "Swords and Shield will power your way to destroying your enemies"

See Warrior's Ancient Items

Paladin[edit | edit source]

Paladin Passive Buff icon.png

Every time you hit a purified target, gain stacking attack speed

See Paladin's Ancient Items

Ranged Classes[edit | edit source]

Enchanter[edit | edit source]

Enchanter Passive Buff icon.png

+30% critical hit chance against targets with mind-break
All targets hit with Lightning gain mind-break
Increase Lightning damage by 20%

  • Intelligence/Wisdom class
  • Uses Wands Wands
  • "Taps into the enemy's mind to alter their reality"

See Enchanter's Ancient Items

Necromancer[edit | edit source]

Necromancer Passive Buff icon.png

Increase Cold Damage by 20%
Increase Cold Resistance by 20%

  • Intelligence/Wisdom class
  • Uses Wands Wands
  • "Plays with life and death in creative and malicious ways"

See Necromancer's Ancient Items

Wizard[edit | edit source]

Wizard Passive Buff icon.png Every point in an elemental resist adds to that element's damage

  • Intelligence/Wisdom class
  • Uses Wands Wands
  • "The elements are at your command to annihilate your enemies"

See Wizard's Ancient Items

Hybrid Classes[edit | edit source]

Cleric[edit | edit source]

Cleric Passive Buff icon.png Smite - Gain Armor and Attack Power when you kill an enemy

  • Intelligence/Wisdom class
  • Can use both Wands Wands and Maces and Shields Maces and Shields
  • "Divine healing for yourself and retribution for your enemies"

See Cleric's Ancient Items

Player Level bonus[edit | edit source]

Player gets 1 point for level.

Spent on:

Attack power - 5% damage

Vitality - 45 hit points

Intelligence - 1 mana (projectile)

Wisdom - Decreases reload speed by .1 sec

Vigor - 2 resist to all

Grit - 5 armor

NPCs[edit | edit source]

The runners of NPC shops

NPCs which aren't cows[edit | edit source]

Mooffulo (Not a Cow)

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